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Information and meaning of OCX

OCX refers to (OLE custom controls) pre-programmed instructions can be inserted into any application that is being developed, and allows the programmer to save time because instead of above code reprogram a fact, now only insert it.

The functions of an OCX are unlimited, only dependent on any programmer to develop and implement for future use.

OCX Usually the term refers to the extent to which the program is stored has been done in Visual Basic and therefore supports only code in it. It is noteworthy that in other programming languages are also similar to objects and instructions OCX but being different code names are not equal even though their function and use are equally similar.

Sometimes it is necessary to register certain files manually, because the program that accesses their function may not otherwise receive. Particularly affected are older applications for the previous operating systems were developed. You do not know the new structure of the current operating system nor the necessary registry path.

Since Windows Vista is required for a successful copying and recording process of these components administrator rights. If one tries these files with missing rights acknowledged to be integrated into the Windows system us immediately with an error message. The typical errors usually occur when you install the program and read "error while registering the file [filename]. Dll or. Ocx" or "Failed to load [filename]. Dll or. Ocx".

Register OCX files manually in Windows 7

Sometimes it is enough to copy the file manually in the application folder, because each application looks up there first, if OCX files are needed. In connection with the required Windows system directory is tried.

Ocx Files Register in Windows 7

If Windows 7 is in addition to registering the OCX file that works in many cases, you need to do the following procedure:

  1. Start the command prompt with administrator rights (Prompt on Windows 7)
  2. Enter the string "regsvr32 [path] \ [file name]", for example "regsvr32 C: \ Windows \ msxxx.ocx" without the quotes
  3. Then a window appears that shows whether the registration of the OCX file was successful

If you see an error message such as "The module [module name] was loaded but the ocxRegisterServer entry point not found" message, this does not mean automatically that the program to use is not working properly.

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